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Shri Balaji Aircool is leading AC RENTAL/HIRE service in Noida. We deal in renting of good working quality air conditioners of all leading brand to household and cooperate.

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All kind of air conditioner window, split air conditioner repairs & service at your door step. We have a highly qualified team of technicians.

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Get your home appliance like washing machine, fridge, repaired and service at affordable price.

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Shri Balaji Aircool provides Air conditioner rental service, ac repair & service in Noida. Deals in all kind of refrigeration and home appliances service, repairs and AMC.


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About Shri Balaji Aircool

We are Specialist in: Window AC, Split AC, Refrigerator, and Washing Machine & other home appliances. Complete AC & Refrigeration Solution. We provide AC on rent, Repairing & Servicing & installation of old and new ac’s.

We are providing air conditioners services, maintenance and installations. Customers need not worry about the installation and service of your air conditioners units, because we provide 100% guarantee.

Get your AC service within 2 hours with 30 Day Service Guarantee from professional technicians. Total air conditioning service support whenever you need it. Window & split air conditioner on rent, service, repairs & AMC for home & offices.


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Best quality Service Professionals at your home or office.

We offer good conditioned AC on Rent in Noida.

Window AC on Rent Noida | Split AC on Rent Noida

Its summer time, the heat is at its peak. Everyone wants to get keep itself cool during this season. For keeping themselves cool we use lot of things. Air conditioner is one of the important electronic good one want to have at home or office to work and rest peacefully.

During summer season air conditioners plays an important role in our life. It is not luxury anymore but now has become necessity of every home and office. In this hot summer season the sale of air conditioners rises. Different brands are available in market and customer can buy window ac, split ac, cassette ac and other variants.

But it’s not possible for everyone to afford new air conditioners as cost of equipment is high. Beside that installation, regular maintenance and services is required for the electrical good. Than what is the solution for the problem to the heat during summer?

Yes, you can have option to have ac on rent. Can avail services of companies that are providing ac rental services at your nearby location. One of the best AC on Rent service in Noida is from Shri Balaji Aircool. The company is providing AC on rent to residential and commercial users at competitive cost. Just make a call they will quickly install AC at your home or office with in same day. They have wide option to select air conditioner as per your requirement. Whether you require window AC on rent or split ac on rent they are right choice. Enjoy your summer with ac rental service in you Noida area.

Why AC on Rent Noida from Shri Balaji Aircool?

No doubt, AC on rent or is best as it doesn’t require purchasing it, one need not to worry about its installation, service and maintenance. Above all ac on rent is economical than buying a new air conditioner.

The below points will give you some advantages of having AC on rental:

No need to invest big money

No need to purchase the ac. No invest is required as a new air conditioner cost more. You can get an AC on rent on a reasonable cost.

No Installation, maintenance or Services

As for AC on hire or rent you need not to worry about its installation, service & maintenance. The company that provides AC on rent service takes care of this. As regular service and maintenance includes some cost and time, you save on it.

If you are at Rented Accommodation

If you are on a rented place ac on rent is suitable as you don’t need to worry about investment in it and in future you don’t have to worry about if you relocate. As is best of students or working employees who are not planning to stay long at same place.

Use only during Summer Season or Short Period of Time

When you plan to have AC during summer season as it is very hot. Stay cool during summers. AC on rent gives you peace of mind as it saves cost, power and space. You pay only for the usage time. You can return the air conditioner when not required.

Different model available on Rent
AC on rental companies different models of ACs like window AC, Split AC as per the requirement of your space and area. You can choose air conditioner on rent as per your requirement.

Why AC on hire only from Shri Balaji Aircool?

We have been in the AC and refrigeration industry or more than 10 years. Our team is qualified and professional to give prompt service within short time. We provide AC on hire to residents, companies, shops, IT companies and other businesses. Instant service & quality is our prime motto. We provide AC on rent within same day.

Stay Cool During this Summer

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Simple tips to keep your air conditioner in good condition during summer season

Clean or replace the air conditioner air filter

Regularly clean the air filter of the unit. Replace the air filter if damaged. The air-conditioner is subject to dust so need regular cleaning of air filter. Use prescribed air filter as by company standard only. During season filter should be cleaned on monthly or required basis.

Clean the air conditioner coils

The AC coils collect dirt during the time that dirt reduces the airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. So regular maintenance should be done for AC to clean the coils.

Check Window Seals for AC

During AC season, check the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it makes contact with the unit's metal case. Moisture can damage this seal, allowing cool air to escape from your home or office.

Regular Air Conditioner Service from Professionals

Get you air conditioner serviced every season from good mechanics. Check for gas, wiring, clean outside unit and check other components. Only use genuine company part for repairs and service of air conditioners as per brand. As it save your money, energy and give best results.

Use correct size air conditioner
Use correct size ac as per the room area. Exact ac as per room size gives your best cooling result and also saves your AC for overloading.

Care During Off-Season

In off season or winter the air conditioner should be covered. Covering the outdoor will prevent the unit from dust and moisture. This will increase the life of your AC also.

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